September 23, 2016

NEW VIDEO // Scat // Organ Mountain Sessions

Check out TC’s newest video project!!! 

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April 18, 2016

***Encore Performance***

A new YouTube video below CHECK IT OUT! Encore performance by Tiffany Christopher & Sparkling Geodes @ the end of the NM/CO tour at Mineshaft Tavern in Madrid.  Video brought to you by the Periscope App.

Sparklin’ Geodes forever!!! xoxox.

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July 2, 2014

Bathtub Sessions – Silver Tongue

Many blessings from southern New Mexico!  This year has been so busy for me.  There’s been multiple tours, weekend warrior runs to northern New Mexico, lots of local shows here in Las Cruces & El Paso, & a recording session up in Leadville, Colorado for an upcoming single to be released early fall.  Also, I finally made the decision to purchase a GoPro & start making my own live music videos.  Here’s the first in a a series I’m calling Bathtub Sessions.  The idea is that you can’t fit a guitar in a bathtub, so these sessions are geared strictly for ukulele tunes. & I travel so much that I can take advantage of many tubs in all the homes opened to us.  #bathtubsessions

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February 24, 2013

Little Lion Man/Mumford & Sons covered by TC

This live video was shot at the Oasis Bistro & Lounge in El Paso, TX.  I’ve been adding the kick drum & hi hat into my live performances the last few months.   The response is great & it’s been a blast to play with the dynamic of the set.  I recently learned how to change & tune my kick drum heads.  What fun!  20 you tube tutorial videos later & it sounds like a gem!   Be well y’all.  See you at the shows <3