June 30, 2013

Heading to California for Shows & Surf!

Hey all!  I will be playing the WitZend in Venice Beach, CA on Saturday, July 13 at 8pm.  It will be a showcase of sorts & the show will be 1 45 minute set.  Come out & let’s rock Venice!   Please help spread the word in the LA area..

I’m trying to make this a showcase for everyone I’ve met in South Cali. No one has seen me play my live show there in over 7 years!  I’m looking forward to seeing good friends & making new fans 🙂  and.. kicking some ass.

Thanks for the support everyone, TC


***WitZend voucher drops cover from $10 to $5***



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February 24, 2013

Little Lion Man/Mumford & Sons covered by TC

This live video was shot at the Oasis Bistro & Lounge in El Paso, TX.  I’ve been adding the kick drum & hi hat into my live performances the last few months.   The response is great & it’s been a blast to play with the dynamic of the set.  I recently learned how to change & tune my kick drum heads.  What fun!  20 you tube tutorial videos later & it sounds like a gem!   Be well y’all.  See you at the shows <3