It all started when…

Yet another patron at the show came up and tipped a “Benjamin” in the tip jar. It’s been known to happen. There must be something about watching someone do what they love, and truly enjoy it, that inspires others show their support. Ten Benjamins made it into the jar that night, and ten encores were played.  From then on the band called me Benji... (for luck.) That same night there was a Colorado meteor shower and as we witnessed it... a band was born.

Perhaps my name has never quite fit the sound and compelling space my music creates. Like the universe, it was here long before me. It’s bigger than just one woman, and I believe it reaches into the individual and pulls out the stars.

It is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to Kalin Capra on the bass, upright bass and banjo, and Daniel Dossey on drums and percussion.