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August 11, 2014

Week Two Recap – Colorado Tour


-Leadville, Morrison, Vail Valley, Summit County-

Howdy friends~ Hope all is well for you this lovely August. I just rode my motorcycle from Breckenridge to Leadville, CO this morning to do the final mixdown for the upcoming single. Seeing the mountains from that perspective was a pretty humbling sight. Here’s a recap of the past weekends adventures.

Thursday I headed out from our Leadville recording session to the Morrison Holiday Bar in Morrison, CO. The show went awesome! I played solo & had a grand time with the patrons and locals at MHB. I rocked out pretty hard the & didn’t feel like driving, so I slept in my van snug against Red Rocks.

The morning comes.. the van won’t start. Battery or Alternator? I learned how to test if it’s the battery or alternator, & headed to Sam’s in Denver for a rotation/balance & new battery.

The van, Ella, was running great again so I headed to Vail Valley for a show at the Main Street Grill w/ upright bassist, Kalin Capra. The gig was pretty good. I always try and bring 110% to the shows, but I had a terrible migraine & it effected my energy level. Still a good show, but I was so relieved to wake up the next day without the parade marching on my temples.  I slipped on my running shoes & went for a run around the neighborhood & a workout in the park. It was beautiful & a good recharge.

After a smoothie at Loaded Joe’s, we headed to Summit County for our show in Breckenridge at Motherloaded Tavern. This was a WILD NIGHT! Everyone was dancing & cheering us on. We jammed from one song to the next and kept the groove going all night with no break. What a riot! Tai did a live painting of us that I’ll post soon as it’s dry.

Sunday was a blast in Frisco! Art Fest, friend’s bday, coffee, wine, mussels, motorcycle, music, rain, sun, movie.. it was a good day off.

Today, Monday, Tim Stroh & I finish the new single, Somewhere Behind The Sun. Stay tuned for the new release & upcoming music video! Do good things take time?


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August 5, 2014

From New Mexico to Colorado


It’s been a beautiful week on the road. Cities visited… Santa Fe, ABQ, Taos, Salida, Howard, & now the high town of Leadville, CO.


The A/C went out in the van 2 hours into the drive, & so begins the “Bikini Van Tour.”

I gotta brag on my rockstar parking job in front of the Cowgirl Club in Santa Fe. Thanks to Gonzolo for holding the spot for me as I ran back to the van & circled the block. I parallel parked the van+motorcyle/hitch carrier like a champ. Actually got an applause from the patio. The weather was gorgeous & I got to play on the patio for the first time. The crowd is really growing in Santa Fe! Im looking forward to returning on a Saturday in October.

Next day I hit up a noon yoga class at Body led by my friend, Emily Branden. Afterwards I got a 10$ smoothie. (Insert Uma Thurman milk shake reference here.)

ABQ was cool. I played at Shade Tree Customs. It’s a bar/restaurant started up by a custom motorcycle shop downstairs. Lots of bike parts everywhere. I was happy to be towing my bike cause it made me feel like part of the club. :)

Next day I cruised up to Taos & took an afternoon nap in the back of the van. Thank you Sage Brush Inn parking lot! I was killing time cause I wanted to speak with who handles the booking, but they were working the evening shift. So, storm rolled in & I took a nap until Vicky made an appearance.
Later that evening I headed to KTAO and caught Eliza Gilkyson’s last set. She’s quite the songwriter & a hoot to boot!

Saturday I jammed Eske’s Brew Pub. Thanks to Sarah & Clayton for bringing out all the peeps :) There was a ton of stuff going on in Taos, but we still managed to have a great turnout. I made some new friends from Tahlequah, OK that want to host a house concert for me. Stay tuned for a midwest tour early next year.
- Oh yeah, & I finally unloaded the motorcycle and went for a short cruise around Taos. holy cow man!! I can not describe how beautiful it was. .. storm clouds, mountains but the sun was still shining. How was that? How’d I do? I’ll definitely be back at the end of August to cruise more on the bike. (& I owe my buddy Charlie 15 bucks.)

Onward! After hanging in Taos for 3 days & hiding away to work on preproduction stuff, I loaded up the bike & recording gear & headed to Salida/Howard, CO for a house concert. This part of the country is truly breath-taking. The concert was at Ananda Tandava Retreat Center. (yoga studio) Thanks to everyone who came and supported a touring musician. You could hear a pin drop all night & that is a truly powerful thing for any artist to experience. A special thanks to Jaime & Justin for opening your home & being such a beautiful inspiration! Namaste~

Alright y’all, today I’m in Leadville working on finishing up my new single, Somewhere Behind The Sun. We’ll be working for the next couple days & then the CO tour really kicks off. Check the show calendar for details.

It’s been raining but I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Be well :) See you on the road!

July 2, 2014

Bathtub Sessions – Silver Tongue

Many blessings from southern New Mexico!  This year has been so busy for me.  There’s been multiple tours, weekend warrior runs to northern New Mexico, lots of local shows here in Las Cruces & El Paso, & a recording session up in Leadville, Colorado for an upcoming single to be released early fall.  Also, I finally made the decision to purchase a GoPro & start making my own live music videos.  Here’s the first in a a series I’m calling Bathtub Sessions.  The idea is that you can’t fit a guitar in a bathtub, so these sessions are geared strictly for ukulele tunes. & I travel so much that I can take advantage of many tubs in all the homes opened to us.  #bathtubsessions

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March 29, 2014

Rockwood Music Hall Afterthoughts


Misty Boyce’s old stomping grounds.. Rockwood Music Hall in NYC was a fine time on Wed! We played to a captive audience on Stage 3 around 10pm. The tunes were well received & you could feel the support & love in the room. Thanks to everyone for coming out & enjoying our original music. Onward we go ..west. #MnMTCtour

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January 24, 2014

upright bassist, Kalin Capra, joined me for CO

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