October 2, 2014


Hey y’all!  My new single, Somewhere Behind The Sun, is available on Soundcloud! Take a listen.  Music video coming soon.

About the track…

Somewhere Behind The Sun was written on a Ukulele in Spain while hiking the Camino De Santiago. It is dedicated to all the Pilgrims who walk west towards the sun. 500 miles in 42 days & the biggest lesson I learned was that we are all searching for answers within, while just putting one foot in front of the other. This is for all the friends I made on that amazing adventure. & all these adventures. Buen Camino amigos!

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September 18, 2014

Upcoming Single – Somewhere Behind The Sun


Many blessings from 10,000ft up in lovely Colorado!  I’ve spent many days the past couple months working on a new single at Mad House Recorders (undisclosed location), & I have to say.. it’s the most exciting project I have ever cocreated!  Tim Stroh, studio owner/engineer/producer, has been dedicating 14 hours a day with me on this tune.  Upright bassist & banjo player, Kalin Capra, hung out for a few days helping us get some awesome bass & banjo tracks.  Dean Oldencott, session drummer, cruised up here for an evening and soaked in the drum arrangement I made on Logic, then went in the big room and kicked it in the ass!

I cannot thank these cats enough for helping me create a beautiful arrangement & good vibes recorded by all.

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September 3, 2014

TC will be your host @ Rock The Night Las Cruces

rock the night

Friday, September 12, 7:00pm
Grapevine Plaza – 3900 W. Picacho. Las Cruces, NM 88005


Rock the Night is an evening about music, community, and raising awareness to continue to fuel the fight against Alzheimer’s. All proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association; your ticket purchase is directly supporting vitally important research, family support, and educational programs.

Organizers, sponsors, and volunteers of Rock the Night are Las Cruces’ locals who have been impacted by this disease, and we want to make a difference; to do our part to Fight the Fight Against Alzheimer’s.

Join us as at Rock the Night – & come enjoy four bands, great food, friends, & fun, all while Fighting the Fight!
Who knew so much fun, could be so good?


Buy your tickets here:  http://www.rockthenightlc.com
Info:  info@rockthenightlc.com

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August 22, 2014

Colorado Tour – Week 3 Recap


Golden, Denver, Fort Collins, Conifer, Red Rocks

Week 3 the gigs have been up & down the front range in CO. Thanks to all our friends who came out to the shows! It was so lovely to see old buddies & have people hootin & cheering us on from the crowd. We added a few new venues in the mix & it was an funtastic week with Kalin Capra joining me on the upright bass & banjo.

Hideaway Kitchen & Bar was a show over the dinner crowd. A few familiar faces popped in to listen to one of my more acoustic sets. The staff really dug it, & I’m sure I’ll revisit this “east coast feel” restaurant again.

Quixotes .. was dead. But! Our 3 fans who came out stayed for the whole show. I ended up having a few beers & performing tipsy which is not the norm, but what better time than when its a mellow night. Cool venue. Hope we can split the night with an act next time.

Hodi’s Half Note – we shared the night with 2 other acts. It was a 45 min set at the beginning of the night so Kalin & I kicked ass & sat back to enjoy the other band’s sounds from the green room. I did forget my tambourine on stage, so if any of the other bands’ members have it & would like to send it back to me, hit me up :)

Conifer Wedding.. They ziplined, they danced, they had a bonfire. At the end of the night, a Bose Rep gave me a brand new Line Array PA system to use on the road with the agreement I will give my input/write reviews back to the company. SCHWEET!!! Kalin & I jammed a great show. When the power went out, we ran into the crowd and kept everyone dancing and singing along. What a blast. I stayed up til dawn around the bonfire, drinking too much wine & playing music til the birdies took over for me.

The next day I went to Red Rocks for the first time & saw Rodriego Y Gabriela kill it on classical guitars. I had no idea Gabriela was the one dropping all that backbeat rhythm… hope someday she & I can drop the beats together. <musical swoon>

Monday Kalin & I jammed the Appaloosa Grill & it was off the hook! I’ve been playing this joint on the 16th street mall in Denver for a decade. We had a great turnout & everyone was dancing & digging the sound. Eric Imbrosciano sat in with us 2nd set & we got down trio style. fun times had by all~

Another week in the life … it’s for the living!

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August 11, 2014

Week Two Recap – Colorado Tour


-Leadville, Morrison, Vail Valley, Summit County-

Howdy friends~ Hope all is well for you this lovely August. I just rode my motorcycle from Breckenridge to Leadville, CO this morning to do the final mixdown for the upcoming single. Seeing the mountains from that perspective was a pretty humbling sight. Here’s a recap of the past weekends adventures.

Thursday I headed out from our Leadville recording session to the Morrison Holiday Bar in Morrison, CO. The show went awesome! I played solo & had a grand time with the patrons and locals at MHB. I rocked out pretty hard the & didn’t feel like driving, so I slept in my van snug against Red Rocks.

The morning comes.. the van won’t start. Battery or Alternator? I learned how to test if it’s the battery or alternator, & headed to Sam’s in Denver for a rotation/balance & new battery.

The van, Ella, was running great again so I headed to Vail Valley for a show at the Main Street Grill w/ upright bassist, Kalin Capra. The gig was pretty good. I always try and bring 110% to the shows, but I had a terrible migraine & it effected my energy level. Still a good show, but I was so relieved to wake up the next day without the parade marching on my temples.  I slipped on my running shoes & went for a run around the neighborhood & a workout in the park. It was beautiful & a good recharge.

After a smoothie at Loaded Joe’s, we headed to Summit County for our show in Breckenridge at Motherloaded Tavern. This was a WILD NIGHT! Everyone was dancing & cheering us on. We jammed from one song to the next and kept the groove going all night with no break. What a riot! Tai did a live painting of us that I’ll post soon as it’s dry.

Sunday was a blast in Frisco! Art Fest, friend’s bday, coffee, wine, mussels, motorcycle, music, rain, sun, movie.. it was a good day off.

Today, Monday, Tim Stroh & I finish the new single, Somewhere Behind The Sun. Stay tuned for the new release & upcoming music video! Do good things take time?


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