Well-behaved women seldom make history.
— Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Pushing the boundaries of a traditional singer/songwriter, Tiffany Christopher is a stunning display of passion, talent and creativity. Engaging her audience with physicality and musical virtuosity; her work ranges from folk-rock and alternative-americana to hip hop and rhythm and blues. Tiffany has been electrifying stages around the country, inspiring and kicking ass for over a decade. With notes of early Jagger and the roots of Brandi Carlile, TC’s energy takes the audience to a place that’s edgy, fun, beautiful and mind-blowing.


As her musical projects continue to grow and expand, her newest creation, Benji & The Meteor Shower, provides a more powerful and electric sound, energizing the crowd and drawing them to their feet. The genuine interaction between band members is intoxicatingly entertaining. The mission is simple: An organic musical collective made up of yogis, sonic healers and outdoor enthusiasts tapping us back into movement and connecting us to the beat. This group is on a mission to move you.